About Us

Founded in 2015, MEDIKA-HITEX is a company specialized in production and distribution of single use medical devices: Protection kits as well as sterile drapes, gowns and surgical sets.

Located in the industrial area of Kairouan in Tunisia, Medika-Hitex is a leader in his field. With a factory surface of 3000 m2, a working surface of 1500 m2, an ISO class workshop of 500 m2, a total storage warehouse of more than 1150 m3, Medika-Hitex has a sterilization capacity greater than 400 m3/month.

The production lines provide more than 250 different products, including general surgery kits, gynecology kits, knee-arthroscopy kits, neurosurgery kits, end kits, urology kits, cardiovascular kits, operating drapes, fluid collection
pouches, surgical gowns and so on.

With years of experience of its partner Dina-Hitex, Medika-Hitex has the skills to provide the best possible solution with full guarantees while providing expert
advice and technical assistance.

The priority of Medika-Hitex the satisfaction of its customers. It is committed to a high quality with a highly integrated quality system from quality control of raw materials to the marketing of its finished products. Its quality system is ISO 13485: 2016 certified.

The company is equipped with high technology machinery to have strong product development capability.

Medika-Hitex Gives Patient Better product for a better life !

Quality, integrity and service are the foundations of Medika-Hitex.